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molly dolores

photo credit: taylor katina's  photography

Hey there!

I am a passionate artist & Storyteller. I love capturing life's happiest moments in a photograph that will last forever! Getting to tell people's stories is what got me into photography. I have always had a creative spirit & am thrilled to get to share it in my own unique way. I consider my photography type/style as "Artistic", "Movement", & "Raw".

I have had the honor of photographing 90+ weddings and 250+ other sessions!

I enjoy shooting in natural light the most. Nothing beats how truly realistic, beautiful, & natural photos are when taken outdoors. 

When I am not busy taking photos, I am caught singing or hanging out with my soulmate, our baby girl & boy & furbabies!!

A few fun facts about me because....why not!?!?

1.) I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and believe that having a relationship with him is the absolute most important thing in life! 

2.) My favorite bible verse is Isaiah 41:10!

3.) I enjoy playing video games (some favorites are fortnite and rocket league)

4.) I am an Enneagram 9 (if you don't know what this is, look it up! It's pretty awesome!)

Life is an adventure, so why not document it? I will make sure you feel comfortable while thinking outside of the box, to get the best shots, & capture your true self! I love doing a mixture of everything, capturing you being natural/candid, your must-have photos that you most likely saved on Pinterest as well as bringing my creative mind on board. 

I love giving people an experience. It's important to choose a photographer you feel you can be comfortable with because your true, natural self comes out and THAT is what's beautiful. As far as weddings go I want you to feel like you have a friend by your side {just documenting every...little....thing haha!} You only get that special day once, share it with a photographer that can make you smile, happy, & comfortable!

If you have any questions about packages or if you're getting married and want to meet me PLEASE let me know! I’d love to chat on the phone/skype/zoom/facetime, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s start game planning! 

I hope to work with you soon!

- Molly Dolores

-contact me-

phone: (309) 326-0598


located in Leesburg, FL

(pleased to travel)

Got your message! I will get back to you within 48 hours! Have a blessed day! :)

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