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-up to two outfits total
-one location
-ability to purchase high quality prints & canvases directly through the photo delivery site
-ability to purchase high quality photo albums through me directly
-printing rights  


Q: I know that I want to book my couples/engagement session with you! What's next?

- First off, YAY!!!! Secondly, just send me a message through here, FB, or my email (if you haven't already) and we will get something scheduled! All couples sessions require a digitally signed contract! Payment for the session is due 7 days prior to the session!

Q: Is tax added to the above cost?

-The price you see is the flat fee, no added tax; no surprises

Q: How long will my couples session last?

-Couple Sessions typically last around an hour, however, if we are satisfied prior to the hour mark with all that has been captured or need to stay past a bit longer we can. I say "if we are satisfied" because I know what I need from our session together and will not leave until I have it. You have wants & needs and I don't want to leave until you feel good about what has been captured. Communication is key.

Q: Is there a mile radius of where the couples session needs to be within?

The one location that is included needs to be within 20 miles of Leesburg Fl. If it is past that travel fees may apply.

Q: Can I add a second location?

-You sure can, however, there will be an added fee.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

-If you have a doggy that you want to incorporate in the photos, bring them! I LOVE dogs!


Q: What should I wear?

-As far as outfit suggestions go that depends on each individual couple and the location of your shoot! Most couples tend to pick a dressier option while having the second option be more casual! Keep in mind most couples typically change into their second outfits in their car because we are out in the middle of no where! If you want more outfit suggestions definitely feel free to shoot me a message!

Q: What should I bring?

-Feel free to bring props (outside of your engagement ring, of course!) Two suggestions are a blanket to either wrap yourselves in or to sit on the ground with and/or and item that is maybe related to your wedding theme or to you both as a couple that could have your wedding date on it.

Q: Will some of my photos be in Black & White?

-Absolutely! I give a combination of photos! Most are in color, some in B&W and a few of my favorites in both!

Q: How long will it take to receive my images?

-It will take between 2-3 weeks depending on how busy I am at the time of your session! It may be earlier than that!  Once I am done editing your images, they will be delivered via a downloadable/shareable link!

Q: What else do I need to know?

-If you or your significant other typically feel awkward in front of the camera or doesn't get their picture taken frequently that's ok! I promise you will have more fun with me than you think & happy with the end result! I will help bring you both out of your box, make you feel comfortable and capture photos you didn't even think were possible!  

I do several different angles and positioning during the shoot to assure that you look your best! In the editing process I smooth out your skin & get rid of blemishes while still making the photo look natural. At our session I will capture the standard smiling and looking at the camera, I will set you up in different poses that look best for you! I feel like I have a pretty good eye as to what I think looks pretty/sultry for each individual (Example some people look better with their mouth slightly opened while doing a serious expression as opposed to entirely closed).

I pay a lot of attention details, not just take a photo. I will prompt you into some natural segments where it will be unposed/raw and let me tell you those are the BEST!  As an over all general note I want you to have fun, so if you start laughing because of nerves or whatever laugh your heart out! It will be real and beautiful.1.) Standard smiling at the camera, 2.) Poses that I will pick based on the feel and your look, 3.) Natural/Raw/Unposed and then last but NOT least....YOUR wants. Maybe you have photos saved too your phone or a Pinterest board just a few clicks away...never the less, if there is something you want to recreate or just want, tell me & show me. I want you to be happy! If you have ANY questions, just ask! 

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