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AHHHH The moment is FINALLY here!!!! The person you can't imagine living life without has asked you the BIGGEST question you may ever be asked in your whole life!

You reply and say "of course!" and now...

!!!!!!!!!YOU'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!

*...Let that sink in for a minute...*


I want to be one of the first people to CONGRATULATE you on this milestone in you & your partner's relationship!

I am honestly SO excited for you and the adventure of "life" that you get to embark on with your best friend! 

Truly be present in every moment during this process and take a second to stop and treasure/remember this time because time is such a thief!

With all that being said... you're here on my wedding webpage for a reason... and that reason is that the wedding planning has officially begun...

...duh duh DUH!!!!!

Depending on where you are at in your planning journey you may have everything already picked out/planned/booked

 or you may not know where to start/stressed/overwhelmed by the whole process & all of the decisions to make.


a lot of Brides have been there & your not alone!!!

It's no secret that weddings are expensive and it's hard to figure out how to pay for things.

I encourage you to sit down and prioritize what things are most important to you in regard to your wedding day!

If having beautiful, high-quality photos is a MUST for you then I urge you to prioritize your wedding photographer budget on that "priority" list.

Don't just have a friend with a decent camera do it because of cost (Google Search all of the horror stories...).


Here are a few things that are important when it comes to selecting your photographer...

1.) You want to hire a photographer that you feel is listening to your wants/needs. 

Personally, I always like to make sure if there are any specific images that a client was wanting to recreate from past photo sessions or from Pinterest. It is important that you feel like you can talk to your photographer about your wants and ask them their opinions! 

2.) You want to hire a photographer that you feel like you can trust in capturing your big day!

Personally,  I want clients to love my work and feel like they are able to let go/not worry and trust me to capture their day!

absolutely want to know your needs & must-have photos, but after having the honor of photographing 50+ weddings, you can rest assure I know a thing or two!


If you choose to hire ME as your photographer for your WEDDING DAY...

*yeah let that sink in again...*

I want to guarantee you something in addition to beautiful high-resolution images that you will have for years to come.

I want to guarantee you that I will be more than a photographer on your wedding day.

I will be the person who fixes your hair, pins the veil back in if it falls out, fixes your dress/train, carries your train while your walking, give you bobby pins from my own hair, gets you water, communicates with you throughout the entire day to make sure you are happy, will text you the week of your wedding to see how you're doing, will help carry your things if you need, will get you a tissue when you start crying, will help bustle your dress, will stand up your ceremony chairs after the wind blows them over, will keep you on schedule (so that you don't have to stress about it), will laugh and cry with you (don't worry they will be professional tears lol) and more.

I will be a friend at your side on the biggest day of your life!

I do this not because I feel like I HAVE to but because I genuinely WANT to.

I want to help you in whatever ways I can & if you need anything, I gotchyu! <3

If you think we are a right fit, shoot me a message!

We can chat on the phone or we can grab a coffee and meet! 

Whatever works best for your schedule! 

I can't wait to hear from you 


Molly Dolores

-one photographer
-up to 4 hours of coverage
-minimum of 150 high resolution edited images
-includes online gallery
-help with designing a timeline for your BIG day!
-ability to purchase high quality
prints & canvases directly through
the photo delivery site
-ability to purchase high quality
photo albums through me
-printing rights


-complimentary engagement session
-one photographer
-6 to 8 hours of coverage
-help with designing a timeline as guidance for your BIG day!
-minimum of 300 high resolution fully edited images
-includes online gallery
-help with designing a timeline for your BIG day!
-ability to purchase high quality
prints & canvases directly through
the photo delivery site
-ability to purchase high quality
photo albums through me
-printing rights


-two photographers
-6 to 8 hours of coverage
-complimentary engagement session
-minimum of 500 high resolution fully edited images
-includes online gallery
-help with designing a timeline for your BIG day!
-ability to purchase high quality
prints & canvases directly through
the photo delivery site
-ability to purchase high quality
photo albums through me
-printing rights


The details


-All wedding packages require a signed contract & a non-refundable deposit, the deposit is then put towards the final balance. 

-The price you see listed above is the total price, NO added tax; NO surprises! 

-If you do not want or need your complimentary engagement photos that are offered in the deluxe & duo-deluxe packages, then I will deduct $100 off the total cost of the package. This complimentary engagement session cannot be used as a substitution for additional time on the wedding day or for another shoot.

-In order to book with me, a retainer and a signed contract are required to reserve your day so that no other bookings can be taken. The remaining balance wouldn't be due until a month before your wedding date.

-The complete wedding package retainer is $500 and the deluxe & duo-deluxe wedding packages have a retainer of $750.

-Additional hours can be added to the "deluxe" &  "duo-deluxe" wedding package per request; at an additional cost.

-No additional hours can be added to the "complete" package.

-I am pleased to travel! So just say where & when! (there may be a travel fee based on distance)